This fix has been going around other Gawker forums (fora?) this morning. It was created by a commenter named BJ over at Jalopnik. It tweaks the latest Kinja layout so that this is what Groupthink looks like to me right now:

I should note the "top stories" sidebar is still there, but I think the overall layout is more balanced (i.e. a lot less white space than Whiskey's solution for the sidebar).

Also, even after reading the instructions in the original Jalopnik post and the add-on download, it wasn't immediately apparent to me how to tell it which sites to change, so after you have Greasemonkey installed, look for the cartoon monkey face next to your home page icon (if you're using Firefox). There should be a down-arrow next to the face, and select Manage User Scripts —>Options —> Script Settings —> Edit this User Script —> insert the relevant code —> Save —> OK. Like so:


By the way, if you use this fix AND Whiskey's sidebar thing, the sidebar will still be gone, but I thought it looked too weird, so I just turned off the User Styles. And in case anyone needs to know, my browser is the latest version of Firefox and my OS is Windows XP (barf).

If any of you have questions, I can try to answer them, but I'm just passing this along.