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Another Oscar Post

I watched that shit show last night. NO idea why. So frakking boring. Anyway here are my casual, critical and cynical observations:

1. Patrica Arquette - No. Just no. Baby you make so much g'dam money that I can't even cope with your bullshit. Firstly, you are an actress with a lawyer, an agent, and you are unionized. Between these three resources if you can't figure out how to get paid then there is no hope for the rest of us. So I don't give a rat's ass about your equal pay problems. Now don't get me wrong I am staunch about equal pay for equal work. But lets be real. This was pure lip service and she was speaking of herself and her peers only. Not actual working people in the white or blue collar world, those unwashed masses she wouldn't rub elbows with.

2. Chris Pine's tears. Give the fuck over.

3. David Oyelowo's tears. Man, don't. A damn song at the damn racist Oscar's? Don't go there bippy. Unless you were crying at the sheer hypocrisy and PR back peddling that was on on display during the broadcast.


4. Trotting out the black president of the Academy and reminding the audience that Oscar didn't broadcast when MLK died. Well bully for you Oscar. We must all be wrong about Hollywood. I mean to stop the most important of all ceremonies for one of us? Jee willikers. We sure aren't grateful enough.

5. Couldn't stop thinking about Spike Lee's Malcolm X snub every time some bs Selma/MLK PR move happened.

6. NPH did a good job I think. Just the right kind of host. However, Oscar could benefit from more booze. I do so like the Golden Globes.

7. Lady Gaga's performance. Nope. Yes, she sang well. Looked like she worked hard with a vocal coach and that is a good thing. But man the ego. The song choices. Yeezus. Pick the good songs and sing them like you love the song not pick the ballads that display your vocal range best and sing them like your voice and presence is a gift to all people everywhere.


8. J-Hud. Don't sing like that. To convey emotion go with a subtle and soft tone. Do not over project or go to church. You can sing. You don't need to prove it.

9. Birdman. 'Twas good.

10. Lady Oscar went to a mother, a mother with Alzheimer's. Nothing changed there. Not that those performances weren't good, they were excellent and I do love Julianne Moore. But wouldn't it have been refreshing to see a disconnected, unlikable sociopath win (Rosamund Pike, Gone Girl)? Brilliant character and wonderful portrayal.


Anything you observed?

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