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Another piece of my childhood has been ruined

I just realized that “The Princess Bride”, the movie that until today I thought was the one perfect movie, promotes rape culture. Is nothing sacred?

I’m not serious, of course. It’s still a 99% perfect movie. However, (spoilers for a 30 year old movie ahead?) there’s a scene halfway through the book where Buttercup has that dream that she marries Humperdink*, and the boy stops his grandfather from reading further. He says (paraphrasing) “She marries Humperdink? After everything Westley did for her, if she marries Humperdink, it wouldn’t be fair!”

I know that in this movie it doesn’t really apply, since Buttercup and Westley are completely in love with each other, but it does present the idea that if a man does favours for a woman, it’s only fair that she owes him love. (Of course Grandpa tells the kid that “Life isn’t fair”, but that just emphasizes the idea that it isn’t fair if a woman doesn’t reciprocate**).


Have you had similar realizations that some of your favourite childhood memories had problematic parts?

*If there’s anyone here who hasn’t seen the movie, a) go see it, and b) yes, those really are their names

**I still completely love this movie and don’t really believe that it ‘promotes’ anything, but that line really does show how far those ideas penetrate popular culture.

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