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Another ranting post...

I bought food last night when out of town. I came home late last night and put it in the fridge. I look for it today and my step dad threw it out. I don't even get a sorry I get a "Oh well some of it may be outside here if you wanna look for it". Fuck you. I know shit happens but really, I buy food and you don't look to see what's in there before throwing it out? Then I asked when he threw it out and said he gave it to the dogs. And he asked "So you weren't going to eat what we're making?" What does it matter? You threw away food. Then my mom comes and tells me to stop bitching and she'll give me 20 dollars. Most of the time she picks his side anyway. I don't even get an apology and THAT is what really pisses me off whenever this kind of stuff happens. If I fuck up, I say I'm sorry, why is that so hard?

Honestly, it's not about the food it's the disregard for me all the time. This shit happens all the time in other ways. Just so that's clear, again, for the trolls. Not the first time it has happened and it's either my mom or stepdad that does it. And yes I told him how I felt and how I feel he does that a lot.


Oh and yeah I'm mad and not in a good mood today so I slam my door (yes it's tantrum-y I'm having a bad day, leave me alone about it) and he says "I don't care what you do but don't fuck this house up or I'll fuck you up".

I'm so fucking pissed today and I can't wait to move the fuck out and far away. At least when I live alone I won't have a total fucking disregard for people's stuff. If I lose something or throw away something it'll be on me.

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