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Another reason people declaw their cats

Or at least think seriously about it. This morning, Link got these on his nose. The big one..... I can't tell how much is injury and how much is blood. Then there's another huge scratch from near his eye to the middle of his nose. The girl cat most likely did these.

Yes, I know there are other alternatives and declawing a cat can sometimes lead them to using their teeth more but after having many mornings/evenings like these plus the vet and specialist visits Link had when a cat scratched his third eyelid... It makes you contemplate more serious solutions.


Declawing for furniture reasons is stupid but don't forget that sometimes violence can be a cause as well (Not going to declaw anybody but I just get so frustrated with the attacks sometimes).

Link probably didn't deserve these scratches if they came from the lady cat. If they came from the small black cat, he probably did instigate it. Like I've said, he's an asshole. A lovable asshole who dotes on me but still an asshole.

P.s the cats are fine for almost all the time and they're all living monumentally better lives than what they've had before.

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