Last year, I found a couple who were seeking a roommate on the room wanted section of Craigslist. They had already signed a lease on a duplex and had been there for a month when I met them, toured the place and decided to move in. When I moved in, I filled out a form with the landlord, but it wasn't an official Texas Housing Association document from what I remember. The lease was supposed to be from November to November, I moved in that December.

Well, I was there for 4 months when BOTH of the guys I was living with got fired from their jobs. (Fired is the accurate descriptor here. One of them told me he'd been receiving warnings from his supervisor for MONTHS and was disciplined for not fulfilling his job duties on several occasions before they canned him.) I gave them roughly a month and a half to straighten things out, but nothing happened during that time (aside from a lot of X-Box playing and them leaving the kitchen filthy...) Right before rent was due, they told me they had no savings, no backup plan, and were waiting to see if one of the guy's parents would bail them out. At that point, I decided to get the fuck out of there. I called our landlord and told him what was going on, that I thought they might default and that there was no way I could pay $1450 for all of us. He said alright, and told me I'd need to pay him a fee and sign off on some papers. He THEN made the following comment to me "Honestly, there's not a whole lot I could do to you if you just walked out on it. Just saying."

So, I thought that was really odd for him to just tell me that, but I wasn't out to screw anybody or myself. I told the guys what was up, and moved all of my stuff out prior to the first of the month. I tried for WEEKS to get ahold of the landlord so I could meet him, sign off on everything, hand over my keys, and pay whatever fees I needed to. I called the property company he worked for a number of times as well. I never heard anything.

A few months went buy and I honestly forgot about everything. I never heard from the landlord or the old crap roommates. I never heard from the property company. I never got any collection calls or letters. I got my credit report printed today, and it''s devoid of any information about the duplex, no debt, no fees owed, nothing. On the surface, it's almost like it never happened. I've owed to renters before, and I know they report that kind of stuff if you're on a formal lease.

What do you guys think? Should I do anything else? Do I try to call the property manager again, almost a year later, or just let sleeping dogs lie? What does this all mean? I'm assuming it means I was never listed as a responsible party on the lease, but...? I have no clue. If there's something else I need to take care of, I need to find out about it, so I can get approved for this apartment that I desperately want. Yet, all three of my credit reports show nothing of this place.


What do?