This time Chris Christies’s longest serving senior staff member. Keep it coming folks!

S0 far on the politics side of things, I’ve got:

  • Reagan spokesman Doug Elmets
  • Solicitor general under Reagan Charles Fried
  • Aide to Reagan and Bush Sr. Jim Cicconi
  • Bush administraton officials, Richard Armitage, Henry Paulson, Brent Snowcroft
  • Advisor to Jeb Bush Sally Bradshaw
  • McCain’s speechwriter Mark Salter
  • Rep. Mark Hanna (R-NY)
  • Arne Carlson (former gov of Minnesota)
  • Robert Smith (former Judge on NY court of appeals)
  • Larry Pressler (former senator from South Dakota)
  • And Meg Whitman, who I’ll count for politics because she tried to run for Governor of California.
  • Christine Todd Whitman (Former Gov. of New Jersey)