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Welcome To The Bitchery

Another The Fault in Our Stars post

I haven't seen one in the past week so I don't feel so bad. My daughter just showed me pictures her friend sent her. At the movie theater, the poster for the upcoming movie of The Fault in Our Stars had the lights out on the side where Augustus is laying. Probably just because sometimes bulbs go out, or they just want to troll readers of YA fiction. Her friend immediately started crying. There is a picture of the poster, a selfie of her friend crying and pointing to the poster over her shoulder, and a picture of the people giving her side eye as they walked by. I totally get her. (If it were my kiddo, I would totally show you the pictures.)

This reminded me that I had not seen the trailer. I watched it and cried. My daughter really wants to go see it and, if I take her, I will have to take the big purse so I can take a full size box of kleenex.


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