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Another update on my son (TW: Mental health)

I know I've been saying I'd update y'all for the last few days, but I haven't really had time. I've been online in quick little bursts, just not consistently. So. Yesterday morning I got a call from the hospital, saying that he was going to be discharged. I asked if he was really ready to come home, and the nurse was all, "Oh, he's doing better, he's calmer, he says he's not having the 'bad thoughts' (read: not suicidal) anymore." She said that the doctor felt that he would do just fine at home, now. She then said that he would be waiting for us that evening, and be all ready to go.

I was a little hesitant about it, something told me that this is not the right time, he's not ready yet. But I figured, well, if they already told him he's coming home, and I talk to the doctor and tell them I want him to stay at least til Monday... I didn't want him to feel rejected, like we didn't want him here or anything like that. I was nervous about picking him up all day. My stomach was just in knots. He's had several violent outbursts while he was there, including threatening one of the nurses, and punching walls and floors to the point where they took him for x-rays on his hand. That did not sound to me like he was ready to come home and go back to school.

We got there a little late, close to 8pm, and he was shocked to see us. THEY HADN'T TOLD HIM ANYTHING. Not that he was discharged, not that we were coming, nothing. He was all settled in in his sweats, playing cards with some of the other kids, waiting for evening snack... and here we come, out of the blue, "oh, hey, time to go!" The 2nd shift nurse told us that they hadn't told him so as to stave off another temper tantrum. Thanks a lot, guys. They're better equipped to handle that than we are!


He was very sullen and threw his stuff around while he was packing it up, grunted when asked questions, etc. When the nurse asked how he was feeling, for the discharge papers, he said "pissed off and depressed." He was no more forthcoming in the car, saying only that he "isn't ready for society and society isn't ready" for him.

Once we got home, he went straight for his phone and onto Facebook. His brothers came home from the neighbour's, bringing him a bowl of his favourite chocolate pudding they had made for him. He started to lighten up a little. He didn't give me any crap about taking his bedtime meds, for once, which was good. Talking to some of his friends via Facebook improved his mood, and he went to bed by 11, without much fuss (that alone is a big improvement!)

I let him sleep in this morning, and when he got up, he came upstairs and curled up on the bed by me and the other kids, on Facebook already, of course. He took his meds without argument, and all has been peaceful, so far (cross fingers, knock on wood).

We're going to go out for a late lunch in a little while, because it's my youngest's birthday today. He's 10! We're going to the Japanese restaurant up the road because the birthday boy wants sushi. We're going late so it's not crowded... trying not to overwhelm my oldest with too many people just yet.


He's not going back to school this coming week (it's a 3 day week, anyway, because of Thanksgiving), he's got therapist appointments and a meeting with his IEP team, to figure out how we can get him caught up and back in the groove. He may be doing a half-day school/half-day therapy program, we're not sure yet. He may do some of his classes online, too. His IEP leader is awesome and understands my son very well.

So, for right now, we have our fingers crossed and I'm just hoping that his readjustment to the real world goes smoothly. It's been a very long week and a half... I'd swear it's been a month! Thank you all for your kind words and support during all of this. It means a lot to us that so many people care and are pulling for our boy to get better and get back on track.

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