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Another update on the case against James Deen

Bree Olson, former porn actress probably best known for dating Charlie Sheen, did a Periscope detailing her experiences with James Deen being excessively violent with her on shoots, and the need to put him on her No list more than once. Obviously TW for the video.

She describes him as a pit bull who seems like he can’t control himself and a sadist. She also talks about how much self-doubt she had about her first time being assaulted by him, which unfortunately made it easy for her to be coerced into doing another scene with him years later and get assaulted again.


The whole stream is a little over an hour long. She watches one of the videos in which this happened about 30 minutes in. She is visibly upset upon rewatching and remarks that this video of her assault has a 92% positive rating on the site she is watching. She’s audibly crying and screaming in her playback, the commenters on her live stream beg her to stop playing it.

She calls out the website this was done for, which needs to be done more often. She didn’t know what she was getting into with this scene, and was not expecting something so extreme to happen since they told her he claimed to agree to “behave”. She also addresses why she didn’t walk out. It’s a very tough watch, but she covers the nuances that may be hard for people not in the industry to understand fully.

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