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Welcome To The Bitchery

Another "what's wrong with my body?!" post

Have any of you ever had prolonged burning chest pain because of anxiety? By prolonged, I mean like...days? I’ve been dealing with this chest pain for a few days now, and it’s freaking me out. It’s like a burning sensation in my upper right chest area to the right of my manubrium up to my clavicle/shoulder. I don’t think it’s heart-related or anything too serious because I have no other symptoms, it doesn’t hurt any more or less depending on what position I’m in, whether I exert myself, whether I breathe deeply, etc. It doesn’t go away with heartburn meds or pepto bismol, either. I went to the doctor on Friday, but she didn’t really have anything to say to me about it and asked if I wanted an EKG, which I didn’t think I needed. I’d like to think that this is anxiety-induced because this was onset after last Wednesday, when I posted about having weird brown discharge that I never had. That really stressed me out, and I don’t know, ever since...I’ve been having weird chest symptoms. But can something like this last days? Should I go to the doctor again? :\ I’m thinking that it hasn’t gone away because I keep compounding it by looking up the “worst case scenarios” on the internet, haha. Also, school is stressful, too...

Ugh, what is wrong with me?! I just want this weird feeling to go away...


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