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Story. Also..rant ahead

Let me just get this straight... men rape, murder, and abuse women en masse and barely anything ever happens to them. Women tell men to kill themselves, they do, and those women immediately go to jail.


There’s absolutely been cases of MEN telling WOMEN to kill themselves, and I believe the blame was laid at the victims’ families and the victims for “not having a thick skin.” Interesting how men moan about not being allowed to express themselves and yet they’re never told to have a thicker skin in these instances. I could open any social media account and hell, even some dating apps and get at least 5 dudes telling me to kill myself within the week. Should they be convicted of attempted murder? Or maybe it’s only for cases where the victim is known to have mental health issues? Cause there have been plenty of times on social media where I’ve been openly depressed and suicidal, and men USED THAT INFORMATION TO TORMENT ME MORE. Straight up telling me to kill myself.

Anyone remember Etika? He was publicly depressed, spoke about it, and still several well-known male youtubers told him to kill himself. They told him to go through with it. And after he did it...not one was held accountable. No one was demanding they be held accountable. Why not?


I’m not even against something like this when it comes to abuse and manipulation. But at this point it’s clearly being used to target women specifically and only.

I’ve had intimate partners tell me to kill myself. I’ve had intimate partners tell me they’re going to kill themselves if I don’t do X.


I bet we’re gonna hear about this for the next year, and yet the man who encouraged SEVERAL people to kill themselves awhile ago will go unheard of. I think I’ve only read one story about him. No idea if he’s getting convicted.

Also the fucking comments on that...of course incels are pretending women never get held accountable. FUCKER WE ARE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR MEN’S ACTIONS ALL THE TIME.


I think this is really getting to me because growing up men were my BIGGEST bullies. I was severely depressed in highschool, and I would often skip class. To the point that the principal said he’d suspend me if I missed any more school (where is the fucking logic there I’ll never know). When I finally told people why it was literally every excuse EXCEPT holding those boys accountable.

  • Maybe they just like you and want your attention (NOPE)
  • That’s how kids are
  • You need a thicker skin
  • That’s just highschool; you’ll get over it
  • Just ignore them

Like really. Now we care about how “kill yourself” comments can affect people. But only when women utilize it against men. Forget white dudes using it against PoC. Forget men using it against women.


Got it.

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