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Another WTF gift from the Annoying Inlaws

So this evening we went to a birthday party for a childhood friend of Mr. Ivriniel and Annoying Brother in Law.

This is what the Annoying Inlaws gave to the birthday boy:

A garden rake
A telescoping light


Four pink plastic pylons with the pink breast cancer ribbon on the side

No one has any idea why they gave him any of those gifts, especially the pylons. Ah, well if nothing else, they gave my niece something to play with as she ran around the restaurant being mostly ignored by her parents.

After the Annoying Inlaws left the party, the Childhood Friend's wife told me that she had recently babysat my niece. When the Annoying Inlaws asked her to do it, they wanted her to come over to their place. Childhood friend and his wife have a 4 month old baby. CF's wife had to explain to them why she was not going to pack up her 4 month old and drive across to the city to come to their house to watch their 2 year old for 4 hours.

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