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Ant hill? Check. Molten Aluminum? Ch- Wait, what?!?

The final result is so cool it tempts me to .... ah, fuck that. No way me and molten aluminum is going to end well. But still, TAKE MY MONEY!!!!

Source: The Reddit

ETA: Yep. Trigger warning for ant mass murder.

My first thought with the aluminum was "MEAN JERKS POURING METAL ON ANTS" (even though I've poured boiling water into ant hills before). As they're washing it off and the details of the structure come through (along with probably hundreds of incinerated ant bodies), it's beautiful both visually, process-wise and a testament to nature. Yes, the nature that they've just burned to a crisp in a grisly death...but I'm just hold both those thoughts in my head at the same time.


On both Reddit and Imgur, there are many "Poor ants" comments. One comment also reads: Fuck these ants in particular.

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