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[Disclaimer - I do not want to be mainpaged. I don't know if this would warrant it, but I have been affected by this case and think it is in Jezebel's wheelhouse, so I thought I'd make it clear that I'd rather not. I don't care if links or text are stolen from this. I'm just not interested in having my handle attached to it]

You probably don't know who Anthony Triplett is. In 2006, he was a Comcast contractor who was sent into people's homes to service their cable and internet. He used that position to rape and murder two women. He is being tried separately for each murder. In May, he was found guilty of the murder of Urszela Sakowska, who was 23 when Triplett killed her. Today, he sentenced to life in prison.

He is yet to be tried for the murder of Janice Ordidge, 39, his first victim (murdered October of 2006). He murdered Sakowska six weeks after being named as a suspect in Ordidge's murder and after having been questioned by police 3 times. The cable repair company through which Triplett was contracted was asked to provide copies of Triplett's work schedules for the days surrounding the murder, but didn't pull Triplett from the job. He was permitted the continue making service calls, which is how he met Sakowska. He wasn't arrested until the DNA results from Ordidge's crime scene were matched to him in December of 2006.


Triplett did not complete the repair job when he was first scheduled at Ordidge's house. After he left, Ordidge called her boyfriend to tell him how scary he was because he kept making comments about her appearance. She was nervous because Triplett was scheduled to come back the next to finish the work. Her boyfriend told her to call him after Triplett left, but she never called.

Ordidge and Sakowska were murdered shortly after I moved to Chicago. They are the reason why I always report inappropriate sexual remarks from men who I encounter when they are performing services in or around my home. A barista hits on me, who cares? Contextually, it's not scary or as threatening like it is when I'm alone with a man in my home and he's telling me I'm sexy. Because there is a bed right there, there are knives right there, there is no one else home. People should know better. (I say people because the same behavior would be wrong when directed from a woman who's in a man's house in the course of her job.) If they don't know better, then their supervisor should admonish them or discipline them, whatever it takes to make them stop doing it.

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