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So, I was answering a pretty innocuous question—what kind of flowers do you like, and all of a sudden, I HAD THOUGHTS!

Seriously, like I hate roses. Ever since Alice in Wonderland, I've found most flowers to be stuck up, horrid people. Eventually, some of that faded, but whenever I see roses, I can't help but go back to that little 4 year old Jinx who felt that they were so mean to Alice.

I much prefer what I consider the friendly flowers: daisies, daffodils, sunflowers.


Look at that face! That's not the face of a cold, heartless asshole! It's a friendly face of someone who'll boop your nose and then share a snack with you?

And that got me to thinking of everything else I anthropomorphize.

I have a hatchback named Bob. Actually it's Bob 2.0 so I call him Bobby Digital and, because of that, his favorite music to jam out to during road trips is the RZA.


My computer? Also bob, but this time with no caps and it's because he's an apple, his original cases were candy apple red and apple green and I thought it was funny.

Our Xmas tree this year? Steve. And I was very concerned how Steve would feel on the highway while attached to Bob and if he's getting enough water to get him through the holidays.


Do other people do this? I mean, I know that other people will admit to seeing faces in cars and houses, or whatever, but do others have complicated fantasy lives about inanimate objects?

Or am I just that fucking weird?

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