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Ok, so I just discovered Hautelook awhile ago. If you don’t know, Hautelook is an evil* flash sale site that offers insane discounts. Like TJ Maxx but even more high-end stuff. Awhile ago they had a Kevyn Aucoin ‘event.’ And I’ve never purchased anything from that brand because it’s all just too expensive, but I’ve always wanted to try it. So when it came up on Hautelook I got a blush for $18 (normally $26) and an eyeshadow duo for $14 (normally $42!?!?!). I felt good about that, thinking I’d just found this site and got a great a deal on something I’ve been coveting for awhile. Then the ulta 21 days sale happened. Then they had a 20% prestige coupon. Now Sephora has their sale. Oh, and look what Hautelook events are coming up on Wednesday...

I just bought a ton of Tarte blushes. Watch the Hautelook event also include blushes, and probably for $10. Just a guess. Even if they don’t, I’m sure they’ll have more things that I want and priced so low that it’ll pain me to pass up.


On the bright side, all these sales and different sites have hammered home the idea that I should never pay full price for beauty products. Ever.

The Sephora sale begins tonight, and I currently have over $400 worth of stuff in my cart. That’s getting trimmed down to $100 for sure, but deciding what to cut is difficult.

Recently I came across this type of youtube video where people talk about the types of products they will not buy. It started with a drag queen named Kimberly Clark. Her whole channel is awesome, and it’s talking a lot of sense to me lately. Cause I feel like, especially with everything going on politically, my stress/anxiety is worse than ever. And it’s causing me to fall back on so many bad behaviors. Right after the election I was drinking so much, but thank fuck I got that under control relatively quickly. Then I started exercising more than normal. And I exercise everyday already, but I just found that I needed it more. Well, I wound up hurting my knee. So I had to take it easy for awhile. I think that’s what led to the shopping, and I need to cut that shit out too (woo you guys know a lot about me now).

Anyway, I’ve been watching these anti-hauls (also declutters) and it’s really helping me curb the consumerism. Here’s the first in her ‘anti-haul’ series:

Again, she’s really entertaining, and a genuinely good person. I binged all her videos when I discovered her.


I have a feeling (based on thiscitysucks earlier makeup post) that a lot of you are also maybe feeling it with the Spring sales lately?

So tell me what you’re NOT going to buy. Or maybe just tell me what you’re on the fence about, and list the pros and cons. Let’s help each other not go overboard!


* Ok not evil, but evil for my wallet.

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