Just a disclaimer that I will be talking about health issues, miscarriage, and weight. I think I’m just looking for general thoughts from people here. I’m actively trying to get pregnant, and I’d love to hear if anyone has any experience with any of these things.

So, after my miscarriage and 10 years of never seeing a doctor other than urgent care when I was forced to I have started seeing an ND/Midwife. She is the most amazing, positive, accepting, ready to meet me where I’m at doctor I’ve ever knowingly spoken with. I’ve been overweight my entire life. Not just overweight, but pretty much death fat. However I’ve stayed ~300lbs for the majority of my adult life. I could be working out and watching my diet really closely or smoking weed and eating all of the things in the known world and I just always kind of hovered within about 10 pounds of the 300 pound mark. So I’ve had inklings that something was weird in my body. I mean, never losing weight despite eating clean/lower calorie and regularly vigorous working out doesn’t seem like the way a body with extra adipose tissue should work.

This new Super Doctor, as I may start calling her gave me a “Boston Heart Panel” blood test. Boy oh boy did I learn stuff about my body and how it’s doing. Every single inflammation category on the test was in the “danger” category. I’m apparently a very inflamed individual. The doc has suggested I try an anti-inflammatory diet. Does anyone have any suggestions about this? My first step right now is to cut out dairy for 3 weeks and see how it goes. I officially start next Tuesday but I’m ramping myself up for it, finding replacements for my very excessive dairy consumption. Oh butter, my precious butter, and your cousin cheese, I will miss you both sooooo!


Also, while my cholesterol isn’t high per say, my HDL’s are way low in comparison to my LDL’s. It sounds like mostly I just need to take fish oil/eat more avocado/nuts/fish stuff, oh and exercise(which I’m doing in the sense that I do yoga twice a week and got a fitbit and I’m going on walks every day until I hit 10,000 steps). It’s not that I’m getting too much bad fat, it sounds like I’m just not getting enough good fat.

My last question is if anyone has experience with Myo-Inositol to treat PCOS? She did not diagnose me with PCOS, but I do have really elevated testosterone and relatively low progesterone levels. However she said that I don’t have enough markers for PCOS that she actually wants to diagnose me with it at this point. The best thing to come out of these blood tests is that I know I’m not insulin resistant(praise be to all of the Gods). I’ve read a few PCOS forums with some Myo-inositol evangelists, but if anyone has any personal experience with it that would be absolutely amazing to hear about.

I’m going to try and keep a bit of a journal here about these massive changes in my life. So, just to overview: I’ve got some cholesterol issues. I will be taking a super massive liquid fish oil supplement and continuing my higher activity level. I’ve got some hormonal issues, for this I am taking Myo-inositol and I am seed cycling to try and help my hormones balance out a little. My vitamin D levels were insanely low, she put me on 10,000 iu of vitamin D daily for two weeks at which point I will move down to 5,000iu daily. To help address some of the inflammation stuff she has put me on a supplement to bolster my liver function. I am also taking a food derived prenatal.

Thanks for any words at all. I feel kind of alone right now. My husband is Mr. Healthy, never has an issue with anything unless it’s acute and very specific(like the time he had appendicitis). I don’t really have any friends who are open about their health issues if they’ve got ‘em. And well, I still really, really, want a baby. So I’m doing everything in my power to get all of this stuff headed in the right direction.


<3 you all so freaking much GT!