This is something that's been bouncing around in my head for a while, and just came to the surface again after I mentioned to a few of my friends that I was looking for good rewards for an exercise regime I wanted to start and they immediately started mocking the idea of exercise.

When I was younger, the only people I knew who were into anything that could be deemed "nerd culture" - video games, anime, sci-fi, etc. - were all basically cute from the same cloth. They not only liked the culture, they were explicitly against what I'll call for this post "normal culture". This is the culture of everything that people who aren't nerds liked; it included partying/drinking, enjoying sports, exercising, caring about your appearance, you get the gist. It was accepted to mock these activities, think of them as trivial, and basically put down the people involved in them. I saw that as normal nerd behavior, because I had never seen anything different.

Fast forward to college, and now I'm surrounded by people who love football (because it's Notre Dame), but also love video games. They'll party on a Saturday night and then play DnD all day Sunday. It was a big shock for me, but in a good way - I felt more free to embrace the parts of myself that I know wouldn't have fit into that old culture, like wearing makeup and dresses or enjoying a beer while watching a sports game. But I've kept a few friends from that time in my life, and it becomes really frustrating to have conversations with them now.

Earlier today, I decided I wanted to do a Pilates starter workout calendar to get myself into shape, and because the exercises seemed doable and similar to things I do anyway. I'm not good at exercising though (THIS IS NOT A REQUEST FOR EXERCISE ADVICE, PLEASE DO NOT GIVE ME ANY) so I decided to look up ideas for good, non-food rewards. I mentioned this to two of my friends from high school and their reaction was "Pilates sounds like the exercise I would have to do in hell" and "I know what it actually is, and I would never do that if I had the choice". It's just so deflating sometimes dealing with people like this. I'm excited about a football win and I tell them and they start talking about how little they care about SPORTSBALL with the POINTS and the GOALDOWNS. Meanwhile I'll listen to a long rant about Starcraft e-sport drama or whether or not Bioshock Infinite needs the previous games to be enjoyable even though I could not give less of a shit about either franchise, because they're my friends and if it's important to them I should at least try to act like I care, if not try to actually care. But I don't get the same courtesy, apparently.

Is this a common attitude among nerds that aren't from my high school? It's so frustrating to feel like you're with your "people", only to be judged for not fitting into the nerd stereotype enough. Don't even get me started on why I won't wear skirts to nerd events, that's a whole different kettle of "normal"-judging fish...