Not trying to compete with the resolutions post, but wanted make sure there’s a post for those of us who think that New Years resolutions, and more broadly, self-improvement culture, is nonproductive or harmful.

Or maybe it’s just a place for my own rant. I am so, so, SO tired of the cultural expectations that everyone needs to be setting rigid and ambitious goals for how they are working to be a “better” person (with better being thinner, fitter, more disciplined, developing new achievements in their professional life, personal life, and recreation). I am already under so much pressure to constantly be productive and achieving more in my professional life (while still being unsure whether any of those achievements will result in stable employment past my current contract). The additional cultural pressure that I should be spending my non-working hours working toward achieving goals that make me “look” better to other people (both literally and figuratively) is just an additional stressor.

I also hate the movement to quantify everything. I want to track every calorie or macronutrient I eat. I don’t want to track every step I take, or mile I walk or run, or book I read. I can understand that there are sometimes reasons for doing so—when I was long-distance running and training for races, I did keep track of mileage and pace with apps because it helped me stay on track for training—but I don’t want to fall into the trap of obsessively quantifying everything, or worse, thinking something doesn’t count because I haven’t recorded it.

Is it enough to just to pursue fun and relaxation as a goal for hobbies/recreation, and self-acceptance as a general goal instead of fixating on all the ways I’m not good enough and striving to mold myself into the Social Media version of a perfect person?

Also, I have a whole related rant on diet culture, but I’ll save that for another time.

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