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Anti SSM bigots crazier by the day literally

Two days ago this was in my Google News newsfeed an article linking SSM with communism. This article was just nutty.

Now today was this article.


The scary part is we have seen this insanity with other religions in the last few decades. I remember religious fundamentalism fever striking Iran and replacing a secularish ally with a fundamentalist leader. We have seen how religion is twisted just in the mideast with Islam. Yet today we are seeing it in this nation. The Advocate.com had a video which sadly does not work now of a Christian preacher saying Christians have a first amendment right to speak out against gay folk and a second amendnent right to back it up. Some of their arguements are laughably dumb like the communism one but there is a scary undertone. Not just fundamentantalism but a radicalization that is going on.

This radicalization is taking the form that our set of laws are wrong that only Christian fundamentalist laws as they see them is right. Let’s face it that appears to be Southern Baptist with far right Catholics like Judge Scalia, Jeb Bush, Cardinal Dolan and Bill Donahue’s organization. I read years ago the fundamental Catholics like the ones listed along with the writer Pat Buchanan are the intellegencia of the American Fundamentalist movement.

They have a belief which is showing up in the form of these clerks who refuse marriage licences that the Bible has legal standing. It does not neither does The Torah, Koran etc.

I am worries to ssee tomorrows new feed.

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