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Anti-Trans Training for the raging dickbag in your government.

Do you hate trans people so much that you would like to make their lives more difficult, legally speaking? Are you looking to whip of a frenzy of fear and hatred towards people you don't understand and don't care to?

Well, you are in luck, the Christian Family Association has a training just for you!


Don't worry, it's easy and you don't even have to tell the truth:

"Since Montgomery County passed a similar bill, there have been 4 rapes by men, dressing as women lying in wait for their victims in ladies rooms." - See more at: http://www.transadvocate.com/eavesdrop-on-a…

Everyone is afraid of wangs in ladies rooms. Even if it didn't actually happen, no one wants to be the guy who passed legislation allowing rapists unfettered access to the same space that your precious snowflake takes a tinkle.

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