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Anti-Vaxer in Class - ugh

So, today in one of my classes, an intro to Modern MENA politics, we were discussing the importance of the state - what the state can do, how far it can reach, etc. And this woman, who has a family and kids, raises her hand and starts talking about differences in how the government in the north of the US and the government in the south interact with citizens. Okay, this is interesting. And then....

"We chose to homeschool my kids for a while, and when I was in Texas there were so few regulations, but in the north it's much harder in order to discourage homeschooling." Which, like, okay. I don't have a really strong opinion on homeschooling, and my youngest brother is currently being cyber-schooled, but I do think that regulations around it are generally a good idea. But then she continues...

"And we chose to delay vaccinations for our children until they were adolescents" WHAT "and once my kid had a rash and the CDC came to our house to check it out" FUCKING GOOD "and it was really traumatic for my entire family including my child" Oh, was it traumatic? Traumatic like possible hospitalization or death from an easily preventable childhood disease? THAT KIND OF TRAUMATIC???


I don't mean to dismiss her kid's experience - I'm sure that it was scary as Hell and it's not the kid's fault they don't have their vaccines. But I cannot fathom the idea that if you choose not to vaccinate your kid, no one should be able to question that, you don't have to explain yourself, and steps can't be taken to prevent you from doing more damage to the herd immunity (like checking out rashes).

But can someone enlighten me as to why you would delay vaccines until adolescence? I can understand spreading vaccines out if your kid has a non-life-threatening poor reaction to them (as I did, as a baby) in order to lessen their discomfort. But the only reason I can think of to do a regular schedule simply with a delayed start is because you think vaccines cause autism, in which case you're just fucking stupid.

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