My job has been driving me absolutely nuts lately. Just the laziness of people doing whatever the hell they want and getting away with it. It is truly a toxic work environment. And honestly it’s been this way since the day I started. But i’m so close to just being done with it all.

Like this week I started thinking, “hmmm, how much longer do I think I can last if I were to seek medical attention and get on the antidepressant pills to help me cope with all my anxiety and shit. That may buy me a few more months or something.


But this all just seems like crazy talk. To seriously consider taking meds to drag my way through my horrible job. I mean, honestly, I probably do need to talk to a professional but would just changing my job (oh how easy that will be with jobs just floating about out there) alleviate some of this depression, stagnant, angry, sad mood I’ve been in. And then the other part of me is saying its the same EVERY SINGLE PLACE. Shitty bosses and annoying coworkers and it all just continues.

I don’t know what the answer is.