First I find your show dull but that's the nature of the show. The new episode on tonight from 8 to 9 well my mother and I watched the last thirty minutes. I can look past items from the early 60s true they are still vintage but maybe with them over 50 years old ok most likely they will be antique but who knows. Antique is for those on GT may not know is defined as one hundred years or more.

Tonight you had an item that was most assuredly just vintage. It was a table from 1979. Vintage is an item over 20 years old. This is barely 36 I bet when filming the episode it was just 35 years old. It had no place on your show. 1965 should be the cutoff date but used sparingly and only highest quality items. Ideally no items should be past 1915 but I am realistic so 1945 should be the ideal. Post 45 we are accelerating into mass production of items. 1970s should not be touched until 1925 but sparingly.