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AntiTheism Interesting Video By Godless Cranium and Rachel Oates And My Thoughts

Rachel Oates had a video on antitheism and if she was one. Godless Cranium had a response video. I posted the response video by GC who is an antitheist.

I thought about it terms of myself. I have become over the years a despiser of organized religion. Yet and there is a YET.

I thought of my own journey. Being born into the Catholic Church and going to Catholic schools from 1st through college. I was a “good” Catholic really about college.


I have grown to dislike the hierarchy and their seriously bad antifemale rules and attitudes. Yet I really have a hell of a lot of respect for nuns. My best teachers were nuns from grade school to high school. Nuns ran the schools in grade school and jr high and in college. They are razor sharp thinkers and know their disciplines extremely well. They also know how to run schools. If I was president I would seriously consider a nun for Department of Education providing they kept their religious beliefs outside.

In college I had doubts about religion and God I leaned agnostic.

As years gone by its hard not to see the absolute destructive power of organized religion. Some may not recall or prior to you be born during the morning hours some local channels aired televangalists on UHF channels. The big one in the 80s was the Bakkers Jim and Tammy. They used peoples beliefs against them by begging for money. Vast majority could not afford it. Well this still goes one. The Bakkers seemed the most blatant.

Also the Holocaust and learning about it brought me further into agnostic. How could a God who called those who were Jewish his Chosen People let over six million be massacred.

I played with atheism in the 90s and with 9/11, priest sex scandal and well the fundies movement I am firmly antiorganized relgion. I still am proNun.


Now antitheist. Even though I agree organized religion is bad even when it may have started with good intentions. Humans turn it into shambles.

I am antireligion. Absolutely. I consider myself fairly smart. Yet if asked point blank “Is there a God or Gods” or “Is there a Satan” or “Is paranormal real”. Here is the thing. I do not think humanity has it correct and especially no religion does. Yet do we as a whole get glimpses. I am not 100 percent sure we can discount all paranormal as overactive imagination.


I suspect our total knowledge is barely a fraction of a fraction of a percent. If that.

So I go backwards. If we cannot discount all the paranormal. What does it mean. It could.simply mean humans have a spirit, maybe all creatures do. It means nothing about God. Then I ask is there a Satan? Well another way to put it is there evil. Not the Evil That Man Does type of evil. Just read a history book or watch the news you will see acts of sheer evil every single day. More times then not in the name of religion.


Yet there are incredible acts of goodness each day and throughout history that never gets written down.

I ask at times could this really be who we are? Yet I ask at times is there a guiding hand that folks embrace and become. I doubt it but wonder at times.


Yet I look at science, at math and even in their complexity their is a simplicity in which everything is ordered, rules are governed. Everything we see has a place. Randomness really is rare. Could there be a mind or minds who set everything in motion?

There is a story called 60 Billion (?) Names of God by Arthur C Clarke. The story as I recall from the 80s all religions believe in the same God but each understands just a glimpse nothing more.


I guess I am still agnostic.

So I am not antitheist. I am antiorganized religion. Yet I find it hubris to say “God or Gods do not exist”. I do think religions get it totally wrong. I think religions are built for people to control others. Opium for the masses is.a.very good.analogy. Yet as antireligion one can be its not the same as saying “I am certain no God or.Gods exist”. No Christian, Hindu, etc their definition of God I would say does not exist.


We just right now lack the knowledge to be 100 percent certain if there is a God or Gods or spiritual hand. Well I do lack the knowledge. I hope one day I will but that’s also hubris.

Yes this went on far too long and got rambly.

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