I was an anxious kid. Vomitted a lot, stayed up late worrying, had panic attacks. The abuse I suffered didn't help. High school was easier (my abuser was out of my life), but then came college. I was always a good student, but socially, I was a little lost and my anxiety returned. But good friends made it go away.

But it's always been there, bubbling beneath the surface and I can feel it coming back.

I second guess every decision I make at work; my friend's in a rush, I think she's breaking up with me; my boyfriend's phone dies suddenly, I'm convinced he's dead.


I've tried therapy and was really good at pretending the relaxation techniques worked for me (I felt bad because the doctor REALLY wanted them to work). I've tried meds and have felt so out of it that it wasn't worth it.

So, how do you deal with your anxiety? Cuz I'm not sure what to do anymore...