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Anxiety creepin' - telling me to not go

Saturday, I have an event. Ticket bought and paid for ($50). I am going alone. I bought the ticket a few months ago and I didn’t really realize where the event would be, aside from “Chicago,” when I got my ticket.

Well, I’m out in the suburbs, and this place is way on the north side, almost Evanston. If I drive, Maps is telling me it’ll take an hour and a half. And I am a nervous driver under the best of circumstances. I don’t like night driving or driving to new places. White-knuckling the whole way. I would rather take a cross-country road trip than drive into the City.

If I take an Uber, it could be $80-100 round trip. Plus, I’ve never taken an Uber in my life, so I don’t know what to expect. I’ve only read the rape stories in the news, though to be fair, I know plenty of women who have used Uber locally with no issue.


So my anxiety brain is telling me to eat the $50. It’s not worth the hassle of trying to get there. PLUS, it’s the kind of event I will be hella tempted to spend money at (for shiny things I don’t need), which I really need to be spending on Adult Life things right now.


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