Damn. Don't you just hate anxiety and all that comes with it? All those little things that start nagging and then they start snowballing and all of sudden wham bam thank you ma'am, you're in a pit of anxiety hell.

And what I really hate is that I get fooled for a good few weeks or even like a month, thinking everything is going well, and all those little stresses ain't no thang and then they start creeping in little by little and you can feel it coming on and you try to ignore it cause it's like, hey I'm happy-ish and things are only sucky-ish, but I can make it work. But once it finally catches up with you, its like a not totally unexpected surprise but still not a welcome visitor.

Honestly, I'm not even making any sense right now. I just had to get some of this brain goobledeegook our of my brain for it a bit. It's super and lame and doesn't make sense but why not send it off into the ether and see what might come of it I guess.