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Anxiety is controlling my life

And I hate it.

I can't even go into the specifics of why my anxiety is running overtime the last two days without making myself more anxious about doxxing myself. But it's bad, bad. I've already taken half a xanax today and it's bad. A coworker told me I need to stop worrying and I told her it's like trying to tell me not to breathe. I literally cannot.

Last night I was crying on the phone to my mom that I hate that I can't seem to function in real life without a constant stream of fear, worry, and frustration. On top of things I am trying to find a psychiatrist but I live in the middle of nowhere and work crazy hours—the earliest anyone can see me, anywhere within an hour's drive, is over a month from now.


So I'll just be here on the floor worrying for awhile. Gifs would be nice though.

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