EDIT A big thank you to everybody who commented. Your support and non-judgemental, kind words really touched me and made me feel more calm. <3

This post is likely to go poof later, I am just going out if my mind right now.

I had some unfortunate news on Tuesday and have been living on the verge of a panic attack ever since. Long story short, my past has caught up with me and - I was young and stupid and my family kinda pushed me into something and promised me to sort it out “later”, which never happened.

Anyway, I am trying to sort this problem out the adult way but this is not a situation I can distance myself from (I have tried doing that for the last few years and apart from giving me tons of anxiety, it did not help) and it will take a few weeks to resolve. I am trying to spilt the huge problem up into smaller, managable tasks and my fiancé is also supportive. In a way I am glad that this has come out as I don’t have the sword of Damocles above my head any more but there are still many unknown factors that cause me a great deal of distress. My life will literally not be the same after this.

How do I stop my mind from going a million miles an hour? I have always been an overly sensitive kid and have always tended to over thinking and anxiety, albeit never to the extent that I feel physically sick. I am a nervous shitter and this week has been one constant, anxiety-filled poop. I am literally feeling sick, have not appetite and I am feeling shaky. Things are OK when I am at work or distracted but as soon as I am standing still my mind just runs through a million what if scenarios and there is just this general feeling of dooooooom that is dragging me down.

Can you please help me with coping mechanisms?