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Anxiety redux - Job application edition

First off, let me preface this by saying that I held off posting this yesterday because I didn't want to seem like I was offering a counterpoint to Southernhelle's crazy-pants job searcher post (the job seeker being the crazy-pants one). I have been on the other side of the hiring desk, and what that person did was just some bridge burning MADNESS. That being said, waiting to hear about jobs is torture.

So, I have an application in about a job. It's a teaching job, for a school that I taught at last year. It was a last minute posting, because someone gave notice halfway through July that they won't be returning come September. The job posting closed on Friday, so I am now commencing the tense and frantic waiting to see if I'll get called for an interview.


The department head told me explicitly that he really wants to hire me, so you'd think I'd be calm, right? But noooooo, my good friend anxiety thinks it's far better to dwell on the little things that could go wrong. Like, the position involves teaching a class I've never taught before - what if the admin team decides they want to go with someone who has a ton of experience with that (even though the department head has told me that he knows I could teach the class easily). What if I had a typo in my application, even though I re-read it about a billion times? What if they want to interview people tomorrow (I'm on vacation until the end of this week)? I told them that if they gave me 48 hours notice, I would move my flight, but what if they didn't read that?!??!?

Ugh. Why won't you turn off, brain? There's NOTHING YOU CAN DO right now.

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