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Anxiety sucks.

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Anxiety sucks so bad. I've been dealing with irrational anxiety for...lord knows how long. My grandmother used to talk about how I was always worried about weird stuff even in elementary school. As I've gotten older it's begun to swing in cycles of mild, manageable anxiety to periods of intense fear/despair coupled with a general flattened state. If there's a remedy for anxiety I've tried it—nothing really stops it.


And the things people will say. Those of you who struggle with this or other mental issues have probably heard it all too.

"You think too much!" Well, no kidding.

"You need to stop worrying." Thanks! That's just like telling an insomniac to get more sleep.


"Try yoga." Sure. And I tried running, and weight lifting, and prayer, and breathing techniques.

I'm not trying to throw myself a pity party here. I'm just venting. It's my weekend off and instead of enjoying myself I'm locked in my own head.

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