Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Anxiety Sunday! Open Thread

In a lead up to Anxiety Monday, I present Anxiety Sunday, where you can’t enjoy your day off because all you can think about is all the chores you have to do, all the work you’ll have next week, and the fact that you DON’T WANT TO. Oh, and you have anxiety about all of it. OBVIOUSLY, why wouldn’t you?!

I feel like I just can’t handle working. I’d like to get the paycheque and skip the part where I do stuff. No? Okay. I need to work on my contract job today (did I mention I don’t wanna?) because my new medication and my therapist aren’t covered by my benefits, so I’m even more broke than ever before. Bwahahahaha!


So, what’s ruining your Sunday? How’s your anxiety? What else do you need to get out?

ETA: Kinja and my phone are having a little fight so excuse me if I don't reply!

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