So, controversial (I think) opinions ahead!

I was reading this article earlier about the reasons that women get abortions, and the idea that the clampdown on abortion access is a direct result of legislators thinking that women need to prove (via some various form of tragedy) that they deserve an abortion before they can get one. Everyone loves to bring up the "abortion as birth control" argument, which is stupid because.... just no. [ETA: Because as chartreusecaboose says below, we have abortions because we don't want to give birth for whatever reason]


But I was thinking: if we really look at the reasons that women get abortions, every reason is a good reason.

Hear me out. These are the common reasons (to my knowledge) that women get abortions:(In order of logical progression to me, not in order of importance or realness).

1. Their pregnancy is a result of incest or rape.

2.They had consensual sex, but are too young to be responsible for a child.

3.They had consensual sex, are an adult, but are not financially capable of taking care of a child.


4.They had consensual sex, are financially capable of taking care of a (healthy) child, but discover that the fetus has a genetic (or other) defect that would make the child's life unbearable for said child, and financially debilitating for the parents.

5.They had consensual sex, are financially capable of taking care of a child, but discover that the fetus (or mother) has a genetic (or other) defect that would endanger the mother's life should she carry the pregnancy to term.


6.They had consensual sex, and used abortion as a (primary) form of birth control.

[ETA: #7: They had consensual sex (with or without contraception), has the financial means to support a child, both fetus and mom are healthy, but just flat-out doesn't want to have a kid. Suggested by HermioneStranger, because being childfree is viable life decision]


Now here's the thing; I firmly believe (with no real evidence, granted) that women whose abortions are as a result of #6 are in the minority. HOWEVER, even for those women, I think that abortions should be easily and legally accessible.

Here's why: if a woman who is old enough to be having consensual sex continues to use abortion as a primary method of birth control rather than more convenient, and MUCH cheaper methods like condoms, or the pill, this is probably not someone who is in the state of mind to be parenting a child. And presuming this woman is sleeping with only one person, then it means that there are TWO people who haven't figured out that not getting pregnant in the first place is preferable to having several expensive (and often hard to come by) abortions.


I know that probably sounds a little.... judgey, but I don't really mean it to be. I just mean that there are men and women who are irresponsible and cannot be trusted to take care of children. That is why CPS exists. The system is overflowing with children from lower economic backgrounds because their parents couldn't get it together and take care of them. Why would you want to create more actual children who are then neglected by both parents and the state? Conservatives love to wax poetic about liberal baby killers, and call themselves defenders of the unborn, but who is defending the kids who ARE born? Because it isn't them.