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Any advice on how to break a lease without ruining everything?

I hate hate hate hate hate our landlord (slumlord). We are overpaying in a terrible area for a house that is essentially falling apart.

The upstairs toilet went over a month without being fixed. We asked him and asked him to fix it, but he didn't. Then the ceiling in the kitchen caved in because of said broken toilet that was leaking water. He came to fix the toilet, but did not repair the ceiling. You can see the bathroom light in the kitchen (and if you're in the bathroom you can here whatever someone is doing in the kitchen and vice versa). I'm pretty sure there is also mold in the kitchen ceiling since the toilet was leaking into the ceiling for over a month.

Furthermore, the bathroom itself is sagging and now pretty much sideways.

We have to cover any windows in plastic, because none of the windows actually seal. I can hear everything that happens outside very clearly. Because none of the windows seal and there are giant cracks under all doors leading to the outside, we couldn't keep the heat above 60 degrees or else the gas bill would be $300+.


There is also what he calls a "carriage house" in the back yard. It is a garage that has been made into an apartment (not so sure about that considering what our house looks like). I'm not sure about the legality of that. Someone currently lives in it and he did not inform us. It was pretty cool to all of a sudden see someone hanging out in my backyard, considering the neighborhood we live in.

Is there anything we can do? Anyway to break the lease without it ruining our credit or being at fault?

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