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TW: alcoholism, hospitals, financial crap

So my idiot father is still in the hospital from complications due to decades of alcoholism.

Has been diagnosed with atrial fibrillation, has a nonfunctional thyroid, has a liver that’s been marinated in alcohol for decades. Like I have no recollection of seeing him not drinking in afternoons/evenings, ever.


They had to move him to the ICU based on the withdrawal issues and apparently he’s unable to walk due to issues with his feet. I suspect he had major circulatory problems get worse when his liver basically was like “FUCK YOU BUDDY TOO MANY YEARS OF THIS.” He still needs to get the psych eval at the hospital.

He’s naturally not admitting he is an alcoholic. He told me he got “alcohol poisoning” and that instead of drinking 4-6 drinks a day he needs to have 1-2 drinks a week. Because of his particular “genetics.”

SO CLEARLY HE’S NOT GOING TO STOP DRINKING. And I have no reason to believe somehow he’ll limit himself to 1-2 a week because alcoholics typically relapse easily what with it being legal and available damn near everywhere. And that’s common for alcoholics who are actively trying to not relapse.

Here’s where we’re at though - 4 days so far in a hospital (with 2 days in the ICU) without insurance. Shit ton of blood pressure meds, light sedatives, stuff for his liver, and the alcohol withdrawal medicine in the IV. Probably 2-3 more days in the hospital.


I’m expecting a bill of at least $50k, and I have no clue if that’s even in the ballpark since no clue what the medications cost, etc. He is on social security with no other income (too young to enroll in Medicare yet). We’re going to have him try for payment assistance with the hospital, but I’m assuming he’s going to lose his house since that’s his only asset really.

My parents are divorced, so at least she won’t be fucked by this. I’m not on the deed for the house or anything, and neither she nor I have offered to pay for anything here.


We have like a legal helpline at work as part of our extended benefits package, I think I am going to talk to them this week and try to see if there is any other prep work I need to do.

Is there anything I am missing that I need to be doing right now? I told Mom yesterday that this was going to be a huge fucking expensive waste of time and yeah today’s visit to the hospital affirmed that suspicion.

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