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Any books or resources for adolescents who are figuring out their sexual identity?

Hey y’all, I need your help.

I have a client who is feeling very confused at the moment about their sexuality, and they are not in a position to talk to many people about it. I see them once a week, and I don’t feel that is really enough support for them. Does anyone have any recommendations for books or other resources I can point them towards?

Their biggest concern right now is feeling very confused about being attracted to a specific person of the same sex while still being interested in members of the opposite sex. They are quite young, and haven’t really had much exposure to education on sexual identity in school or at home. They come from a fairly religious household with a caregiver who would not be ok with knowing any of this. Currently I’m the only person my client has told about their feelings, and it’s weighing pretty heavy on them.


Any resources would be greatly appreciated!

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