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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Any Cedar Cover viewers or readers? A question

Especially for the readers of the novels by Debbie Macamber. I have watched the show from the beginning. Its quite soap operaish merged with the good feeling watching The Love Boat. The storylines are lame and Love Boatesque not Dallasesque or All My Children. I notice how utterly and completely white the show is. The only African American shown was an FBI agent who went into town to investigate Warren the rich dude who is as threatening as well he is not. During the commercials of the show they feature Hallmark tv movies and I noticed the same sheer whiteness of the casts. My imagination about Hallmark? I find all the ads for their movies utterly boring so do not watch.

Is Cedar Cove book series as white as the tv series? Are the books good? Or anything by Macamber? She sells a lot of books it seems. Season three just started.


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