I have had large bunions on my feet since my teens. I never wore tight shoes or heels, that’s just how my feet grew. Sometimes people would notice my feet looked different and I’d tell them that they are bunions and they’d respond that they had thought from the name that a bunion was something gross, like a corn, but its really not a big deal. They’d as if they weren’t supposed to hurt and I’d happily state that mine never gave me any trouble. So I never considered getting surgery or anything like that since they weren’t any trouble outside of shoe shopping.

I’m almost 29 and... I think now they hurt? I wear heels a couple times a year for work, probably a total of 5 hours a year and mostly wear sneakers or Chacos sandals or nothing. My right foot has been sore on my big toe for a couple of days. I tried wearing my good trainers instead of my Chucks and its still been sore. Anyone had experience with their feet going bad on them like this? Should I start thinking about saving for surgery or something? I’m too young for me feet to fail me now, right?!