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Any experience with doggie anxiety meds?

I saw my vet about my dog’s anxiety, finally. For background, she’s had separation anxiety since I adopted her 3 years ago, and we had coping mechanisms for it. Giving her a distraction toy before leaving the house, etc. She’s been ok last summer when my boyfriend and I took her camping. Last month I took her to a beach house for Labor Day with my boyfriend’s parents, sister, and both of their dogs. She was ok during the day, though wound up by the new dogs. Then we went to bed and she could not. stop. whining. Literally all night. THIS IS WHY I’M NOT CUT OUT FOR PARENTHOOD. It was outrageous. She had her own bed, her own blanket, her toys... we even let her on our bed which is a special treat for her and NOTHING could make her stop her high-pitched, full volume whining. By night 3, she was totally fine, slept all night, went out to pee, and slept in 3 more hours with the boy.

Despite this incident, we were both invited to the boy’s parents’ for Christmas. Also, the boy and I are talking about moving which would be a huge change for her. So I asked the vet about medications for things that like where her routines are interrupted too much. Basically to just make that first night easier for her and, well, all of us. She gave us Alprazolam and Trazodone, telling us to try the alprazolam first, and adding the second if it’s not doing the trick. The receptionist warned me to test them out first because they’re supposed to sedate the dog but “sometimes” have the opposite effect. As she said this, my dog was spinning donuts in her lobby, forcing her to add “... though I can’t imagine her being much more wound up than she is now...” which is just her normal energy level. (My dog is weird and loves the vet.)


I’m thinking of trying the alprazolam tomorrow since I’ll be home all day to monitor him. Has anyone tried this with their dog before? I’m not sure what to expect with “sedation.” Would she just be less excitable? Or actually less energy for activities or act dopey or what? I just want to understand better what I’m doing to my girl.

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