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Any Fans Of This Musical Pippin?








Went to a local performance that was out of town. After 24 hours I like it even less. The Lead Player she was excellent singer and actress she did good jazz hands. Pippin himself I disliked he came across as selfish and grating.


The King’s wife stole the show with her song about sunshine, very funny and well sung.

The second half with Catherine bored me too tears. It went on too long and it was jarring. We went from royalty to an estate.


We went home and I checked to see who was in original cast. Ben Vereen played the Leading Player. I YouTubed his performance of Glory. In what I saw the dance was mainly jazz hands and some moving of LP’s body it lasted at most 4 minutes. The YouTube performance was 7 minutes with really good dancing and singing.

Worst I hated how they turned in a minute at the very end the Leading Player into a sinister character. Yeah I figured in first five minutes LP was in Pippin’s head solely due to what LP wore, it was too modern well 70s modern. 

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