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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Any fellow oldsters recall Ruby Starr

There is a youtube channel called Music Vault which has hundreds of old concerr video footage. I found a playlist called Grey Ghost. From 1975 it was of a small concert with this singer. I said her name cannot be called Grey Ghost so I googled Grey Ghost and singer. A singer by the name of Ruby Starr. So I went back to youtube and searched Ruby Starr more videos appeared. Her voice is powerful, very raw (think Bette Midler) but fantastic. Her clothes are so mid70s I doubt those sleeves and pattern will ever return, her hair defines 70s big hair.

Anyone heard of her. She died in 1995 and made three albums. Sadly based on those videos she should have gone far. The song is Maybe I’m Amazed


Here is the link to Music Vault.https://m.youtube.com/user/musicvaul…

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