Speaking of Quebec. I have a question for any language students or teachers of French. Or anyone who speaks French. My family roots go back to Quebec. Ancestors came to the US circa 1900 and my late grandmother often spoke Canadian French with her friends, she was bilingual, her parents just spoke CF.

In 1980 in my Catholic High School a new French language teacher on the first day of class called CF a "gutter language". A dumb thing to say considering half the Brothers had French names and most of those had the first name Roger, let alone parents and grandparents of student. Yet he was new and from the south. He backtracked the next day.

My cousin who is a retired French teacher calls CF an old version of French. He says the core of CF would be the equivalent of 17th Century English to modern English.

What are your thoughts on the language of CF and Parisian French. For teachers how do you deal with students with Quebec ancestory or has relatives who speak CF.