I'm developing a new one, and thought I'd ask about y'all's. Any you like? Hate? Has a great story? Do tell! Here's mine:

Last week, I took a nasty fall and got a fairly deep cut, <1" long over/into one of my eyebrows. It's been healing very nicely, and I was keeping butterfly stitches on it (multiple just because it's an odd angle and it's hard to place just one correctly without pulling my eyelid open) until Thursday, when I switched to liquid bandage. I switched mostly because I was going to be both outside and in some indoor public spaces for work, and wanted a more serious barrier than triple-antibiotic ointment can provide. It had also closed up nicely, and felt well anchored, as in, I could sneeze without it feeling like it was going to pull apart. The part that actually went into the eyebrow was less of a clear cut, and more like sort of pulverized skin that still had eyebrow hairs in it. I figured it would scab over eventually and the eyebrow hairs would come out, nbd.

What happened instead: The liquid bandage was coming off this morning, so I pulled it. It was attached to a few eyebrow hairs, which came off completely painlessly, along with that little pulverized chunk, and made a small, bloody-but-not-bleeding hole at the very top of the arch of my brow. That spot was itching like crazy last night, and I just figured the liquid bandage had glued an eyebrow hair in the wrong direction. I think it was itching because that little chunk had to go. This is going to make for an interesting scar, a prospect that doesn't bother me. It will be larger/more noticeable than my acne scars, but I like it better already anyway.