How cool is that? I'm pretty determined to make it happen and I'm going to do it myself since I'm foolish like that. But, hey, I did this so I can do anything, right? Right.

I mean, look at this hair:


How cool is this shit?


Credit where credit is due: This "mother of pearl" technique was created by Davines and introduced to me by xovain, I'm just shamelessly trying to copy it so I, too, can be a cool kid (who are we kidding? Cooler kid ;P).

I've got a solid red happening (slightly faded from my original adventure), I think I'm going to try the mother of pearl technique after my first red touch-up. I want to blend in some pink, and maybe some purple. Or rose? Dunno yet. So, here's the question: I was thinking that I would bleach out some chunky slices in the front starting at the midshaft (I don't think I'm going to take it all the way around to the back) and a little ombre at the ends. Then I'm going to blend the colors into the lightened pieces in a free hand sort of way, alternating the order of the colors. Will I be able to achieve this look with that method? Any suggestions?