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Any Humans At All Like Dry Pizza?

I assume all dogs would since they would view it as food. GF and BF would have zero problem.

Anyways we went out and my mother got a three month free membership card at B.J.s. Do NOT go on Tuesdays the sample folk are not there.

So I went for a slice of pizza with a soda combo. Since they changed the brand of pizza it has not been as good. It was $2.69. Way overpriced. For $2.25 you can get a cheese slice which is two slices of a 19 inch pizza at my fav grocery store and eat it in the cafeteria.


This slice which the woman behind the counter heated up in their rolling oven. Its an over that has rollers inside. So you put it in on the left and rolls out the right.

It was so dry. The slice was not that big. I cut a portion for my mother but when she came to sit from shopping she took a bite and said she was done.

It was so dry. No moisture at all. The crust was thinnish and dry. I suspect overcooked.

Anyone like dry pizza?


This looks similar but the pizza in that picture looks moister.

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