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Any interior design junkies? What color?

My husband and I are going through the process of closing on our first house. Wahoo! I’m 32 and have rented since I graduated college, so this is my first time to think about things like painting. The current owners used a dark red color in some areas of the kitchen and above the fire place in the den area. I’m not really into it. As excited as I am to leave my mark, I prefer calmer/more relaxing colors. I think the boldest I may go is a navy blue in my home office, but my furniture (desk, etc) is white, so it’ll keep things lighter.

The only thing we have that the color has to work with is a non-bold, darker forest sage green sectional that will go in the den. We could just paint it back to the color of the other walls, but I’m curious what sort of accent color others may think will fit.

Edit: Actually, after googling, I think our couch is more of a sage green.


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