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Welcome To The Bitchery

First American born generation 6 children born circa 1910 to 1920

Second Generation from those 6 3 have 1 child each 2 have 3 each for 9 total.

Third Generation 8 stayed withen 30 miles of where First Generation was born 2 children from two of the 8. I am one of the two. Only 3 got married. A fourth did but 2 months can hardly be called a marriage he and the woman who married him were in their late 40s so post procreation ages.


Fourth Generation of the 2 one was born.

The 9th well a former hippie who lived off women across.the US and to this day no one knows if he had kids. He was only one not to stay in the area. He died early 2000s circa 60 years old.

So geneologists how common is this type of tree?

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