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Any Jezzies want to learn to code?

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So, I'm a part of this organization called 'PyLadies.' Our main goal is to get more women into Python through training, mentorship, sponsorship, and networking. Also, there are quite a few "Let's drink wine and submit talks to conferences" meet-ups.


I've taught more than a few classes for PyLadies, but I've noticed a problem: if you don't live in a major metropolitan area that happens to have a chapter, you're screwed. The last class I held, a woman drove down from Philadelphia to attend a class in DC. This is not a short trip, and she not only had to do the trip, she had to sit through ten hours of pure learning, then go right home.

I'm starting to experiment with online classes, so we can help women who don't live outside one of our chapter towns. This has highlighted my second problem: outreach. Everyone I talk to online already knows Python. My class would probably be made up of the wives and daughters and friends of people already on the inside. That's less than effective outreach. I want new blood.


So, are any Jezzies interested in a taking an online class in Python? This is totally an experiment, so I'll be testing out different technologies and class formats. It's also free, 100%. You just need a computer you have install rights on, and an Internet connection. Python, and all the materials, are free to download, use, and take over the multiverse with. Oh, and you'll also want to bring along an interest in coding.

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